Welcome to Kismet

Kismet is the best astrology dating app to ever hit the App Store. With Kismet, you can find friends, or a new partner, simply by sending someone a message. No gimmicky swiping, you can take your time to view potential matches and meet new people. If you pass on someone now, you can always come back later and find them again.
Kismet features a proprietary heart ranking system, where you can determine the quality of your match. Using your sun sign, Kismet can tell you how you may potentially rank with someone on a scale from 1 to 5. While five is the most straight forward match, you may find that you will match well with signs that you don’t have 5 hearts with.
Learn more about potential matches using our Zodiac book. Find the signs that you are most compatible with, discover the range of possibilities, and explore different ways you can connect with new people, whether they are a patient Taurus, or a passionate Scorpio.
Welcome to Kismet, the #1 astrology dating app on the App Store. Match. Meet. Connect.